Barry Sharpe Award

This award was instituted in April of 1995 at the Board of Directors’ meeting held in Toronto. It is to be presented to CSLA advisors who have given outstanding service to the said organization. During the January 1996 Board meeting, it was pointed out that this award must be used “sparingly” because it is intended to be something special.

Barry Sharpe was an activity director at Yorkton Regional High School, and Barry, along with his students and staff, ran the very first Canadian Student Leadership Conference. It was Barry’s vision and efforts that inspired other advisors from across the country to formalize student leadership.

This award is the highest recognition that an advisor can receive in the realm of student leadership and activities. It is given in recognition of exemplary effort and inspiration to a person who has furthered the cause of student leadership and activities in Canada.

Award Recipients:

1995   Murray Baker, Kitchener 2009   Don Wheler, Lashburn
1996   Wayne MacCullough, Burnaby 2010   Don McKay, Moncton
1997   Josephine Budgell, Bishop’s Falls 2011   Brent Allen, Wainwright
1998   Dave Conlon, Cambridge 2013   Don Homan, Prince George
1999   George Takashima, Lethbridge 2014   Dorothy Karlson, Cochrane
2000   John Thompson, Cambridge 2015   Nicole Haire, Summerside
2001   Gane Olsen, Edmonton 2018   Stu Saunders, Orillia
2003   Tam Fawcett, Halifax
2006   Bill Conconi, Victoria
2008   Al LaFontaine, Mission