Global Student Leadership Summit

CSLA is happy to support the upcoming project of YLCC in 2018.

Description: On April 9-11, 2018, the Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS) will host 3000 student leaders and educators from over 20 countries for three days of over 60 world-class speakers, interactive workshops and peer collaboration in London, Ontario. GSLS is the first truly large scale, international, multi-day leadership summit for youth from around the globe.

Imagine the sheer energy and power of over 3000 student leaders from across the globe, coming together to learn and be inspired! Imagine the spark that would ignite, and the change that would be fostered.

In an ever-changing global, political and social climate, our future leaders will have the opportunity to begin to change the conversation and work to create positive impacts for their schools, cities, communities and countries. These leaders will take over the downtown core of one Canada’s greatest cities, and leave a legacy of leadership behind. The first ever GSLS will be an event that the game-changers of tomorrow will not soon forget.

The event is run by Canada’s premier student leadership organization, YLCC Inc. Today, YLCC works with over 200,000 youth through more than 14 different programs, including the Ontario Student Leadership Conference (OSLC). For the last 38 years, OSLC has been the signature event for student leaders in Ontario. It is the longest running and largest student leadership conference in Canada, with over 2,200 youth leaders joining us in Niagara Falls.