Introducing our Virtual Conference Space – Virbela! 


How To Register For CSLC – Instructions for Advisors


Registration is now open at conferences.studentleadership.ca.


Visit conferences.studentleadership.ca  *do NOT attempt to log in to www.studentleadership.ca*  These are two different sites, you can only create/use an existing log in for conferences.studentleadership.ca.


Once on conferences.studentleadership.ca, select “CSLC-CCLE 2021: Unmuting Generation Z”


On the left side of the page, select the green button labelled “Please go to the registration form” – this will open the Advisor Registration Form


Complete the Advisor Registration Form by selecting your province/territory and school, and entering your first name, last name and email address. Select “Continue“, review your information and then select “Confirm“. Your registration will be sent for confirmation by our staff team.


Check your email for a confirmation email that we have received your registration. We will do our best to confirm your registration as soon as possible in all cases.


Follow the instructions in your confirmation email and log in to conferences.studentleadership.ca. If you need to reset your password, there is a “forgot password” option on the log in screen. This will send you a password reset email (check your junk mail!). If you are still having trouble logging in, please email Maddie (mcampbell@studentleadership.ca).


Once logged back in, complete your own advisor registration. Within your advisor registration, select “Add Student” to your registration, and fill in your student delegate information. You will need to have the following information on hand to register you and your students

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Home Address, Including City/Town and Postal Code
    • Email Address
    • Gender
    • Preferred Language (English, French, Bilingual)
    • T-Shirt Size
    • Age
    • Any Accessibility Notes for virtual programs

You must complete this information for each student.

Once you have completed their individual profiles, select the green “Create Student” button at the bottom of the page.

This will save the student profile and prompt you with a green “Register Another Student” button in the top right hand corner.

Continue to register the remaining students for your school. The initial quota for CSLC is 3 students, but you may place additional students on the wait list.

Schools that register before May 22, 2021 will be eligible for early waitlist allocations. All information and payments are due by September 17, 2021.


Once you have registered yourself as the advisor, and all students, you can access your invoice in your Advisor Dashboard under “Registration” and selecting “View Invoice“.  Payment information can be found on your invoice.


New this year: All Access Pass

You’ll notice a new option in your registration to add an “All Access Pass” for your school. This is a new feature with our online program that will give you access to every workshop (16+ offerings), lesson plans, assignments, and other resources from CSLC to use in your classroom with your students after the conference. The All Access Pass is $300 and applies to your entire school registration (one time fee). 


Any questions about registering for CSLC 2021?

Email Maddie Campbell at mcampbell@studentleadership.ca.


Cslc-CCLÉ 2021: Unmuting Generation z 

CSLC 2021 is happening virtually – and you are invited!


Join us online in a virtual and interactive world from October 21st – 23rd, 2021. You will experience all of our favourite parts of CSLC including four keynote speakers, multiple workshop sessions, cultural moments, group energizers, student idea sharing and spirit sessions and the CSLC Advisor Academy. We have a jam packed schedule and can’t wait for you to experience this conference! 



The Details (Le français suit): 

Conference Dates:  Thursday, October 21 – Saturday, October 23, 2021

Registration:  NOW OPEN 

Cost:  $150/delegate 

Ages:  Built for student leaders in Grade 9-12 & Advisors!



Here is what you need to know to get ready for CSLC 2021: Unmuting Generation Z

Registration opens on Wednesday, April 7th at 10am ET for current CSLA Member Schools. Non-member school registration will begin April 15th. Registration for CSLC 2021 can be found at www.conferences.studentleadership.ca.

Initial registration quotas will be 1 advisor and 3 students per school. You will be able to add up to 3 additional advisors and 5 additional students to the waitlist, however there is no guarantee that they will be added in from the waitlist. 

Registration for CSLC 2021 closes on May 15th, 2021. After May 15th, the waitlist will be evaluated and schools will be notified via email of any changes.


Cost: $150/delegate

Additional Options: $300 All-Access Pass

Purchased by the teacher/advisor for your school, the CSLC All-Access Pass will provide a package of post-conference materials including lesson plans based on CSLC Keynote addresses, recordings of all workshops and more! This can be purchased at the time of registration or following the conference.




What does my $150 registration fee include? 

Your registration fee includes:

– full conference access for the three days of CSLC 2021

– a chance to check out our event space one day earlier with your spirit group on October 20th

– Customizable avatar to suit your style. You will use your avatar to navigate around our event space

– a CSLC 2021 Swag Pack that will be shipped directly to your school 


What does this mean for CSLC Yorkton and CSLC Fredericton? 

Glad you asked! Just like all of you, we can’t wait to get back to some kind of normal but we are not there yet. Until we are, it’s important that we keep our leadership community safe, including our delegates, host committee and communities, partners, billets and volunteers. Our organizing committees in Yorkton and Fredericton are resilient, and will be ready to take on CSLC in-person when the time is right.


We are not a CSLC member school right now, but want to make sure we don’t miss out on registration. How do we join in for the early group? 

You can still purchase a CSLA membership for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year and have access to all of our resources, programs and more! Contact Dave Conlon to purchase your membership ahead of April 7th to register in the first group! 


What kind of technology do I need to attend CSLC this year?

For the three days of CSLC (and one day prior to learn more about navigating around campus), you will need access to a computer (PC or Mac) where you can download our Event Campus and a microphone (nothing fancy – your headphones usually have one that works great!) so that you can talk to other CSLC delegates. More information on tech requirements coming soon.


What time of day is the conference? 

The conference will operate between 11am and 8pm ET most days. Check back soon for our schedule! 


There is an extra $90 on my school invoice. What is this? 

To attend CSLC 2021 in October, your school will need to be a current CSLA member. We have added your membership renewal fee directly on to this invoice to save time later.


How can I pay for CSLC 2021? 

We accept multiple forms of payment including school cheque and credit card. If paying by credit card, please note that there will be a processing fee of $5/registration. 

Payments are due May 15, 2021.


I still have some questions that have not been answered here. Who can I talk to? 

Our team is ready to answer all of your CSLC questions! Please contact Maddie Campbell at mcampbell@studentleadership.ca for any questions about CSLC and registration.




CCLÉ 2021 – Réactiver la génération Z


CCLE 2021 va de l’avant virtuellement et vous êtes cordialement invité! Voici ce que vous devez savoir :

Dates :  du jeudi 21 octobre au samedi 23 octobre 2021, inclusivement.

Inscription :  Le mercredi 7 avril 2021 à partir de 10 h 00 HE pour les écoles membres et le mercredi 15 avril à partir de 10 h 00 HE pour les écoles non-membres.

Coût : 150$ par participant


Description :

Joignez-vous à nous pour une conférence virtuelle du 21 au 23 octobre 2021.  Vous pourrez vivre virtuellement toutes les activités favorites du CCLE :  4 conférenciers majeurs, plusieurs ateliers différents, des moments culturels, des rencontres de groupes, des rencontres de petits groupes (spirit leaders) ainsi que des sessions de formations pour les moniteurs.  Nous avons une programmation intéressante et nous avons hâte de partager cette expérience avec vous!

Voici le lien pour l’inscription : www.conferences.studentleadership.ca  Ce lien ouvrira seulement le mercredi 7 avril 2021 à 10 h 00 HE.

Lors de l’inscription initiale, vous pourrez inscrire 1 moniteur et 3 élèves par école. Vous pourrez aussi inscrire 3 moniteurs et 5 élèves additionnels sur la liste d’attente.

La date butoir pour la fin des inscriptions est le samedi 15 mai 2021.  Après cette date nous ouvrirons la liste d’attente afin d’accepter d’autres participants.  Nous communiquerons avec vous, par courriel, si ces changements vous affectent.


Option additionnelle :  Le moniteur peut aussi faire l’achat d’une passe tout inclus au coût de 300$.  Ceci vous permettra d’obtenir du matériel pédagogique après conférence qui inclura des plans de leçon ainsi que l’enregistrement de certaines conférences et certains ateliers.  Vous pouvez faire l’achat de cette passe au moment de votre inscription ou plus tard.



Mon inscription de 150$ me donne?

– Accès au CCLE 2021 d’une durée de 3 jours.

– accès à l’espace virtuelle une journée à l’avance avec ton « spirit leaders » (soit le 20 octobre 2021)

– tu auras la possibilité de te créer un avatar à ton style et c’est avec cet avatar que tu te déplaceras dans le monde virtuel du CCLE 2021.

– Le comité organisateur du CCLE fera parvenir une boîte de surprises à ton école pour les participants.


Qu’est qui arrive avec le CCLE prévu à Yorkton, Saskatchewan et celui de Fredericton, Nouveau Brunswick?

Certain que nous avons tous hâte de revenir à la normale!  Pour l’instant, il est difficile de prédire l’avenir et notre préoccupation est la sécurité de tous.  Nous devons s’assurer de la sécurité de tous nos participants, de l’école hôtesse, des familles d’accueils, des bénévoles et de toutes les personnes qui font du CCLE une expérience unique.  Les comités organisateurs de Yorkton et de Fredericton sont prêts à mettre les choses de l’avant aussitôt que nous pourrons y revenir.  Merci aux organisateurs de Yorkton et de Fredericton pour votre  résilience!


Notre école n’est pas une école membre mais nous ne voulons pas manquer l’inscription hâtive.  Est-ce encore possible?

Vous pouvez encore acheter votre carte de membre de notre association pour l’année 2020-2021 et avoir accès à toutes les ressources et les bénéfices des écoles membres.  Pour ce faire, il faut communiquer avec Dave Conlon avant le 7 avril 2021.


Quel outil informatique sera nécessaire besoin pour assister au CCLÉ 2021?

En somme, les participants auront besoin d’avoir accès à un ordinateur (PC ou Mac) pendant 4 jours.  (1 journée de préparation et d’acclimatation ainsi que 3 journées de conférence).  Vous aurez aussi besoin d’un micro afin de pouvoir jaser avec d’autres participants (rien de sophistiqué…le micro qui est inclus dans vos écouteurs est parfait!). Vous recevrez plus d’informations plus tard. Sachez que nous aurons un technicien francophone qui pourra vous aider.


À quelle heure est la conférence?

La conférence se déroulera entre 11 h 00 et 20 h 00 HE la plupart des jours.


Il y a un supplément de 90 $ sur ma facture scolaire. Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Pour assister au CCLE 2021 en octobre, votre école devra être membre pour l’année 2021-2022 de l’Association canadienne de leadership étudiant (ACLE). Nous avons ajouté vos frais de renouvellement d’adhésion directement sur cette facture pour vous faciliter la vie.


Comment puis-je payer pour nos inscriptions au CCLE 2021?

Nous acceptons plusieurs modes de paiement dont le chèque scolaire et la carte de crédit. Si vous payez par carte de crédit, veuillez noter qu’il y aura des frais d’administration de 5 $ par inscription.


J’ai encore des questions qui n’ont pas été répondues. À qui puis-je parler?

Notre équipe est prête à répondre à toutes vos questions CCLE! Veuillez communiquer directement avec Denise Emond Gendron : denise@studentleadership.ca.  Au plaisir de vous servir!

What to expect at CSLC-CCLÉ 2021

Keynotes and Workshops

CSLC hosts top-level keynote speakers and workshop presenters to inspire student leaders in a wide range of topics, ideas, challenges and leadership teachings.

Spirit Groups

Students have the opportunity to connect with students from across Canada when they attend CSLC and learn about different ideas, events and activities happening in other schools across the country!

Advisor Academy

The CSLC Advisor Academy offers curated professional development to educators in Canada through keynote speakers, industry professionals, curated workshops and advisor networking sessions.

Cultural Moments

CSLC is typically hosted in a different location across Canada annually where we highlight the history and culture of the community to educate students. As we go virtual, we are excited to share cultures from coast to coast to coast.

Community Service

Student leaders give back to their communities regularly, and it is only fitting to give back to the communities that host us annually. Students complete a half day service project/challenge as part of their CSLC experience.

Student Network

Students meet hundreds of like-minded individuals from across Canada in daily CSLC activities, including within their spirit groups, building lasting connections and networks. This will be no different at CSLC 2021, even in an online setting!
“CSLC gave me the opportunity to understand that there are so many like-minded students across Canada. I learned so much about other provinces and territories and have built life long friendships” – CSLC Delegate, Abbotsford, 2019