Horizons Leadership Online 

CSLA has adapted to the present situation restricting in-person conferences, and we hosted thirteen online Horizons Conferences during the 2020 – 2021 school year. We are moving ahead with more online conferences in 2021 – 2022.

A Horizons Leadership Conference brings excellent keynote presentations and provides PD for student council or leadership advisors. The agenda is designed to provide all participants with motivation, inspiration and information to make their school a better place to live and learn. This is an opportunity for an advisor to encourage leadership students and give them an opportunity to look to the horizon and plan what they can do to improve their school and community. More importantly, it is an opportunity to introduce some potential leadership students from your school to a motivating and inspiring conference.

Dates and Times

Tuesday, November 16  –  6:00 pm ET         registration

Keynotes:  Sarah Wells,  Alison SpringerCody Deaner 


Wednesday, November 17  –  4:00 pm ET    registration

Keynotes:  Ian Tyson,  Jeff MartinNick Foley


Thursday, November 18 –  3:00 pm ET         registration

Keynotes:  Juan Bendana,   Ash Baer,  Sam Demma


How to Register

Registration:   Registrants will receive a unique link to the conference a day before the conference.

Individual Rate:  The total cost for the conference is $25 per delegate

Group Rate: Schools may register full classes (more than 12 delegates, max 30) for $300.

Advisors: Advisor registrations for Horizons Online are free.

Grant:  Two schools at each conference will be eligible for a $500 Reach for the Horizon grant available for a project in their school or community. Information will be sent to registrants.


The Canadian Student Leadership Association is pleased to announce that the Government of Canada, through the Youth Take Charge program, will offer support for Horizons Leadership Conferences across Canada in 2020-2021 and 2021-2022.

L’Association canadienne de leadership étudiant a le plaisir d’annoncer que le gouvernement du Canada, par le biais du programme Les jeunes s’engagent, offrira son soutien aux conférences de leadership Horizons partout au Canada en 2020-2021 et 2021-2022.

Learn more/apprendre encore plus:

Horizons Leadership Conferences Funding Annoucement/

Annonce de financement pour les conférences de leadership Horizons


Host Your Own Horizons

We are looking for schools across Canada to host their own Online Horizons conference. Download more information here.

For more information please contact:

Dave Conlon:  dconlon@studentleadership.ca

Maddie Campbell:  mcampbell@studentleadership.ca