Conference Planning

Bid Process for Canadian Student Leadership Conference (CSLC)

A Canadian Student Leadership Association event

If your school (or school district) is interested in submitting a bid to host CSLC, there are four key steps you must follow:

Step One: Administration Team Approval

Step Two: Staff Introduction

Step Three: Presentation to your School Board

Step Four: Send your submission of your Bid to Host to CSLA, which must include:


The Bid to Host CSLC Package:


The bid to host a Canadian Student Leadership Conference must be submitted as a formal package, and must answer all questions as outlined in the Host Application in the Bid to Host Package (available below). Bid to Host CSLC packages should be mailed directly to the Executive Director of CSLA by January 15. Bids should be made 3.5 years in advance of the proposed conference date. A decision will be made by the CSLA Board, and the hosting school will be contacted with the appropriate information to begin preparations. It is recommended that the principal of the hosting school attend the next CSLC and receive an orientation about the responsibilities of hosting a national conference.


Bid to Host CSLC Package


Consideration for Hosting Sites:

In order to ensure that CSLC hosts fairly and equally represent the various regions across Canada, host selections (when possible) will be made to follow this pattern of representation:

  • Central Canada  (Ontario, Quebec)
  • Western Canada  (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)
  • Eastern Canada  (New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador)

Additionally, further consideration will be made with regards to whether or not applicants are new or previous hosts. In the event a new host and previous host have competing bids, and both submissions have met all requirements, preference will be given to the new host.

CSLC Planning Guide

In the early years ofIMG_2892 CSLC planning, the host for the next year’s conference was decided in the last days of the present conference. This meant that some people hosted the national conference because it was “their turn to throw the party” so to speak. These individuals returned home to inform their principal that, “We’re hosting the national leadership conference next year.” It was a challenging process, but the conference has grown substantially since those early years.

The national conference has now grown to a three-year pre-planning cycle because of the scope and quality of the conference. This does not mean that small communities no longer have the resources or facilities to host the national conference. It does mean, however, that you require the support of your school administration, your school system and individuals willing to stay in the loop for the four-year commitment.

Please contact us if you are interested in a copy of the CSLC Conference Organizer’s Manual

Planning a Provincial Leadership Conference

The tradition in most provinces is that a single school or local school group hosts the provincial leadership conference. (A notable exception is the New Brunswick provincial which has been hosted at the Delta Hotel in Fredericton, NB)

Provincial conferences are an excellent opportunity for your students to put their leadership skills to the test in real world situation. A well-run provincial conference will revitalize your program and energize your students.

The BC association of activity advisors (BCASAA) has an excellent planning manual for their provincial conference. Download the BC Provincial Student Leadership Conference Manual and adapt it for your own situation. Thank you to Gloria Solley and the BC advisors for their work in putting this together.

A listing of the upcoming provincial leadership conferences in Canada is available here.