Recommended Canadian Speakers:


Alvin Law

Prove the power of positive thinking through the Alvin Law Experience!

alawAlvin is a unique individual because he is able to connect with students and staff. He grabs your attention right away with his feet (because he has no arms). He is one of the best speakers in Canada for school audiences.

In 1981, Alvin Law officially started speaking to schools and organizations throughout Canada. Unofficially, he started his speaking career as a young child when he was encouraged by his parents to explain to others “what happened to you?” Today Alvin is one of Canada’s most highly-sought after inspirational speakers and travels throughout Canada, the US and around the world.

To say Alvin Law is disabled wouldn’t offend him or be inaccurate; after all he was born without arms due to the infamous morning sickness drug, Thalidomide. Today, he is completely independent and most often is described as “amazing”, as opposed to “disabled”. People often assume his program must be yet another example of a “Handicapped Speaker”. These kinds of perceptions and labels have actually been Alvin’s biggest obstacles. If you consider he was born this way, perhaps you can also consider he was born completely “normal”…to him!

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AJL Comunications
phone/fax: 403-873-8149

Andy Thibodeau

Andy Thibodeau Since 1992, Andy has specialized in presentations for schools and youth across North America. Settings for Andy’s presentations include junior and senior high school assemblies, youth leadership workshops and conferences, teacher development programs, camps and recreation programs, universities, and colleges. He also has powerful messages for churches, charity organizations, and any group that is seeking a unique speaker that combines hilarious comedy, inspiring stories and moving messages.

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Andy Thibodeau Impact Presentations
London, Ontario
phone: 519-851-3014

Ian Tyson

Ian TysonIan Tyson has been a professional speaker since 1990. In that time, he has performed for thousands of students, at hundreds of High Schools, Colleges, and Universities across North America. Ian has had the privilege of speaking at State and Provincial Leadership Conferences, addressing business leaders, and community groups across North America.

Ian’s high-octane presentation can best be described as “comedy with a message”, which is both entertaining and thought provoking. His presentations take your audience on a hilarious journey from childhood to high school and beyond, with observational humor and life lessons along the way. Through his anecdotal tales, the audience will meet the colorful characters that have inspired Ian throughout his life. Ian combines his skills as an award winning stand up comic with his vibrancy for life to create a presentation that students at your school will not soon forget.

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phone: 519-207-4376
fax: 1-877-672-4161

Scott Hammell

Find your passion, make it happen 

Scott has been dazzling audiences since 1998 with his juggling, magic and escapes. His message is about finding your passion,

scott hammelland making it happen. Effective goal setting is an integral part of his presentation. He illustrates his effective goal setting technique with a brief video of his stunt—The World’s Highest Suspension Straight Jacket Escape—which earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. Having worked as a professional juggler, magician and escape artist for several years before redirecting his attention to motivational speaking, Scott knows what it takes to create a presentation that is unforgettable. Scott’s dynamic message is delivered with audience participation and humour ensuring that students leave feeling inspired.
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phone: 888-794-6448
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Blake Fly

blake flyBlake is a huge fan of the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, is heavily lactose intolerant and his favourite movie is admittedly The Notebook. He lives to create thought-provoking programming for students, parents and education professionals.

Blake has been a Tedx conference host, a featured Tedx speaker and has shared the stage with CBC’s Rick Mercer. He is the author of “Campus Gets Wasted” and Co-Author of “The Art and Science of Success.” Blake spent nearly a decade living, learning and leading in university residences as a Residence Advisor, Don and Manager. He lived with over 6000 roommates in his university days.

Blake is in tune with students and anyone who cares about student success. He uses music and message to address the needs of students at all levels. He provides ignition for students to do their best in every transition. He shares the power of positive peer pressure to combat that otherwise negative social force (peer pressure). He reminds everyone that building popularity is not as important as building community. By writing and speaking about opportunities and experiences that often get wasted during a student life, audience members leave his show with action steps to fully immerse in their schools and communities.

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Phone: 1-877-987-4359
Twitter: @blakefly

Orlando Bowenorlando flyer pic

Orlando Bowen is a GameChanging presenter and the founder and Executive Director at One Voice One Team Youth Leadership Organization. For the past nine years, Orlando has used story-telling, fitness activities and cognitive exercises to teach resilience, leadership and teamwork to over 300,000 people. When it comes to building teams, creating momentum and employing winning strategies, Orlando is the real deal.

Orlando has been recognized for his work by: being awarded a 2012 AFRICAN CANADIAN ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, 2013 QUEEN’S DIAMOND JUBILEE MEDAL and a national 20

14 HARRY JEROME AWARD for community service. He is the incoming president of the Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. His powerful personal experiences ignite and inspire audiences of all ages and he is committed to being ‘all in’ with the time we have to share together.

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Phone: 1-855-784-3663

Nick Foley

Nick-FoleyNick Foley is the founder of Celebrate the Hero and Move for Inclusion. Both are initiatives that motivate and empower people of all ages to make a difference by propagating good through action.

Nick has had the privilege of speaking all over North America and is also the author of two books: “Act Like You’ve Been There: Rules For My Brother” which is a guide to living with integrity and perpetuating good citizenship, and most recently the children’s book “Kapernakus” (Ka- pern-a-kus) which focuses on self-esteem and inclusion.

After growing up in Belleville Ontario, Nick played four years of Junior Hockey in the Ontario Hockey League, where he was twice nominated for the Humanitarian of the Year Award, and once for the Red Tilson Award as the league’s top player. He then accepted an opportunity to play for the St Mary’s University Huskies. Even at this time he was recognized for his personal ethics by being nominated twice for the Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Nick earned a bachelor of History from St. Mary’s and a Bachelor of Education from University of Maine at Fort Kent. After graduating, he taught in Canada and in England for six years. Though he loved teaching, his interactions with youth and community inspired him to branch out and create the Celebrate the Hero initiative.

Nick pulls from life experience from his teaching career in England and his travels in Europe, as well as his athletic background, when designing and facilitating programs. He is driven by the desire to perpetuate an environment of self-worth, acceptance, and empowerment in communities, schools, businesses, and families.

Nick is the very proud father of beautiful Brynn, from whom he has learned more than he ever thought imaginable. She has been, and continues to be the greatest teacher in his life.

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Phone: 1-877-987-4359
Twitter:  @cellythehero

Peter Katz

Peter Katz is a JUNO Award, Canadian Screen Award and 2-time Canadian Folk Music Award-nominated singer-songwriter who has spent the past 10+ years touring nationally and internationally to capacity crowds. He has sold out premiere venues from the National Arts Centre in Ottawa to the Harbourfront Centre Theatre in Toronto, to the legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam.

In addition to his career as a performing singer-songwriter, Peter has a tremendous passion for working with youth. He has been a proud mentor for the School Alliance of Student Songwriters (SASS) for over 10 years and also spends a month every summer in the mountains of Alberta doing character building retreats with high school students through the FACES program (Facilitating Awareness through Character Building Experiences for Students).

Peter is also a 2-time TEDx fellow and gifted public speaker, being called on to give keynote talks and presentations to everyone from the 4000 delegates at the International Aeronautical Federation Conference (alongside Cirque Du Soleil and Commander Chris Hadfield) to countless workshops and presentations in schools and communities across the country. Drawing the direct correlation between the moments of greatest discomfort, fear and intimidation in his life journey to the greatest moments of discovery, growth and opportunity, Peter engages his audience through his songs and stories and leaves them feeling a renewed sense of courage and determination to see what’s on the other side of that discomfort and fear in their lives.

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Jeff Martin

Jeff A.D. Martin is a soul-stirring, thought provoking, highly requested Professional Speaker, who has been using his platform to inspire people from around the world. Because of his passion for giving back and serving others, Jeff often stands in his own vulnerability and shares personal stories of perseverance and resilience. As a result of his relatability and willingness to be open, people from around the world have experienced life changing breakthroughs and discovered untapped greatness all because of Jeff.

Much of Jeff’s love for people can be attributed to his years of involvement as a community activist, a mentor and also to his 15 years of experience in law Enforcement. Jeff has worked as a police officer and in detective roles investigating criminal offences that range from homicides to sexual assaults. Jeff is a youth communication specialist, with over 1000 forensic interviews with children.

Jeff is also the host of the “Motivating from the 6” podcast. A globally downloaded personal development series that has received praise from blog sights from around the world, including as far as Japan.

With his career and life experiences, coupled with his benevolence and passion to inspire, Jeff A.D. Martin shares his gift of purpose in efforts to help others find their true potential.

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Recommended American Speakers:


Phil Boyte

Creating A Community of CARE

Phil boytePhil Boyte works with schools who are creating a better place to learn, and with kids who want to grow and have fun. With options such as assemblies and workshops, Phil will work to customize a day at your school that will be impactful, interactive and exciting.

Phil has presented at numerous provincial and national leadership conferences in Canada. His presentation is always changing as Phil continues to find new resources, materials and ideas to share with student leaders and advisors. He has successfully brought his new program, Breaking Down the Walls, to Canada and continues to be a positive force for change in student leadership and activities.

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Tyler Durman

Making your life a great story.

tyler durmanTyler is best known for his ability to make people laugh through storytelling. He is sought after by educators and students who want to develop communities that care and foster leadership, and by parenting groups for his unique insight into raising teenagers. Each year his live presentations reach more than 200,000 students and adults, while his written stories are shared in homes throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Contact Info:
808.652.8888 phone [/expand]

Cara Filler

Driven to Inspire

cara_fillerFor the last 18 years, Cara has shared her powerful positive leadership and prevention programs with more than 2 million people in 5 countries. She has become one of the most sought after female motivational speakers in her field. She empowers students, teachers, parents and complete strangers to make everyday choices count. Why? Because if it causes just ONE person to: Care More, Speak Up, Stand Out. IT’S ALL WORTH IT!

Cara believes that it is not the events that happen in our lives that make us who we are, but the meaning we give to those events that control the steering wheel of our lives. The road hasn’t always been ‘easy’ for Cara. The day before her 18th birthday, Cara’s world was devastated and forever changed when her identical twin sister, Mairin, was killed in a high speed car crash.  From that day forward, Cara committed to helping others put life and its challenges in perspective.  She is a dedicated Safety Spaz and encourages everyone no matter your age to listen to your inner voice, stand up to a bully, get out of a speeding car, take the keys from a friend who has been drinking, ask for help or make a hard decision. It could just save a life!!

Cara keeps it real. She’s an incredible storyteller, a bad dancer, and totally unashamed to make a fool of herself.  Cara remembers what it’s like to be a student, what it’s like not to fit in, what it’s like to lose someone you love, and what it’s like to want something better for yourself and the world.

Contact Info:
Toll free 1-844-912-2438

Keith Hawkinskeith hawkins

Keith Hawkins is one of America’s top professional youth speakers. Keith has dedicated his life to the human race with his work. His mission is to help make this world a place where we understand and value all people by building meaningful relationships.

Growing up in a tough part of Los Angeles, life had handed Keith tough challenges. Keith has met and surpassed these challenges and now travels around the country inspiring others to do the same. Keith’s life story is one of triumph through hard work and determination. His presentations are real and straight from the heart which is why all who hear Keith speak are moved to make positive changes in their life, their school, and ultimately the world.

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Justin Boudreau

justin boudreau_1Justin is a former pro beach volleyball player and high school teacher. He brings an adventurous outlook and a disciplined positive attitude to his mission: Empowering students to be their best. He helps students beat peer pressure and follow their dreams. His keynote presentation, Be YOUnique, encourages and challenges students to accept themselves, understand others, act on their dreams, un-clique and be real, stay focused in class, and master school and life. Justin was raised in New Brunswick, and now works out of the US as a motivational speaker.

Contact Info: 
phone: 877-441-8903

Anthony McLean

Inclusivity and danthony-pic-2iversity build better schools

Anthony McLean is a rapper and speaker who has delivered hundreds of presentations in schools across Canada, the U.S. and Australia. Over the last ten years, he has entertained over 500,000 students with funny stories that carry a positive message. Anthony’s media appearances include CityTV’s Breakfast Television, CTV’s Atlantic Morning, 100 Huntley Street’s Full Circle, Global Toronto’s Morning Show, Bell Media’s CP24, 680 News, CBC’s Here and Now, and the CTV News Network.

Prior to all of this, Anthony was the class clown in the back row who drove teachers crazy. His Grade 10 report card read: “Anthony has so much potential but is wasting it cracking jokes for other students.” Anthony now cracks jokes for students around the world as he delivers powerful talks on Diversity, Mental Health, and Bullying.

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Mark Black

mark-blackYou get just one shot at life… use it well!

Mark Black is a speaker with a story like none other. A heart and double-lung transplant recipient and two-time marathoner, Mark’s story of perseverance and courage has inspired students at National and Provincial Leadership Conferences. His authentic delivery and size (Mark is just 4’11”) help him grab his audience’s attention from the moment he takes the stage. From there, Mark uses self-deprecating humour and his personal story to connect with students and share life lessons that help students succeed as leaders and as human beings.

Contact Info:
phone: 877-777-MARK
email: [/expand]

Juan Bendana

Juan is on a mission to inspire students to confidently overcome challenges, become better leaders, and make an impact.

He integrates daily acts of impact that create an environment that makes both students and staff feel valued, driven, and engaged. Juan helps students step into more confidence so that they can excel in school and life.

Juan is obsessed with anything to do with adventure, he is a snowboard instructor, and partial sushi addict. He has spoken to thousands of students across Canada and the United States and is the author of the #1 Best-Selling book “Goals 2 Greatness.”  Juan brings a new energy to schools. His journey of helping others excel is present on and off the stage. He had people in his life that gave him the confidence to follow his passions – He wants to give that back.

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Alison Springer

Alison SpringerAlison Springer is a professional youth speaker and Founder of the Young Women of Power Conference for teen girls. She has been working with youth for over 15 years and she loves it. She knows how to captivate and keep teens engaged through her use of memorable sayings, innovative exercises, creative flair and an audacity to do whatever it takes to keep their attention so the main message gets through. Alison’s passion is in helping young leaders: Discover the greatness that lies within, exchanging the status quo for a life of passion and purpose while placing high value on people.

Her MISSION is to build a generation of CONFIDENT youth to make positive choices that will change their world.

“Confidence is the key to Inspiring Teen Greatness.”

Contact Info:
403.383.9436 cell [/expand]

Fahd Alhattab

A former at-risk child turned leader, Fahd Alhattab’s mission is to enable youth to drive change, build their dreams, and embrace leadership. Though still a youth, Fahd launched and managed a camp for underprivileged children in Ottawa; raised more than a combined half a million dollars for local charities; and spoke at National We Day in front of an audience of 16,000 people. His savvy skills and off-beat attitude landed him Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 Award in 2013.

Fahd will inspire your students to make a positive impact in their school, organization or community. Fahd takes them through a personal journey where he coaches youth on fundamental leadership principles, digs deep into the topics of school and community culture while empowering them with the tools to take action and create remarkable positive impact in their community. Whether the problem is school bullying, drugs and alcohol, or a mental health crisis; Every student can be a leader today.

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Cody Deaner

Cody’s story involves overcoming adversity, setting goals, striving to be a positive influence, and putting in the work in order to achieve your dreams. Since a very young age, Cody dared to dream BIG.

Cody grew up in a small Canadian beachside hamlet along Lake Erie, with a population of less than 200 people. Small towns, sometimes, have small expectations. However, Cody strived to dream BIG despite coming from a small place, and struggled to overcome the temptations of drug and alcohol use while growing up with a home riddled with alcohol abuse and psychological disorders.

At the age of 5, Cody had one goal . . . to one day wrestle in the same ring as his childhood hero – Hulk Hogan. Despite his smaller size, and a high school guidance counsellor who told him not to pursue a career in professional wrestling, Cody achieved his dream and eventually wrestled for the largest wrestling company in North America, the WWE, and performed in the same ring as his hero, Hulk Hogan.

Cody went on to wrestle on television for millions of viewers in the second largest wrestling company in North America – Total NonStop Action Wrestling. Cody believes “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” He knows this first hand, as he tells the intense story of the day he almost died in the ring in front of millions of people watching around the world. Eventually, his childhood dream was cut short from the unlikeliest of people – his childhood hero – Hulk Hogan.

Despite all of this, Cody still wrestles all across Canada, but now he is his own boss. He speaks to youth about the power of positivity and perseverance. His goal now is to focus on being a positive influence and tells stories of the power of positivity, being a small town hero to children all across Canada, and starting a charity campaign, “Giv’er for Charity,” which was started to honour some of the unique relationships and bonds Cody has created with young people all over Canada.

Cody dares youth to dream BIG… because he definitely did… and he still does.

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Sarah Wells

Sarah Wells is an Olympian, Pan Am Games silver medallist, and the founder of the Believe Initiative. As a hurdler Sarah is no stranger to overcoming obstacles. Before finding the sport of track and field, Sarah was cut from every high school team she tried out for. It was thanks to a teacher who suggested she try running – that teacher believed in her ability before Sarah ever would. That teacher became her coach and together they made the Olympics together, almost a decade later.

Beyond athletics, what Sarah is obsessed with is storytelling. Sarah wants to be able to tell the story of resilience and how you can truly make an impact in the world. She wants to inspire people to pursue excellence. She understands that not everyone is going to have that high school teacher to believe in them, and so she hopes to be that person for as many people as possible. After speaking all over North America to tens of thousands of students, Sarah is encouraged to continue this work as she sees the impact it can make in schools and on individuals.

She understands that it can be hard when you feel challenged, and sometimes it feels like your circumstances will define your success. Sometimes there are obstacles that we can’t even see past, and sometimes we don’t even see our own potential – but it is her mission to change that.

Sarah wants to provide audiences with a story, a story of resilience, how she overcame every obstacle to make her Olympic dream come true. Sarah wants to inspire, she wants people to move beyond the barriers that they see, and of course believe in themselves – just like her teacher believed in her.

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Levi Stanford

So often the adversity we face leaves us with stress, anxiety, and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Learning to acknowledge, control, and alleviate these emotions can prevent destructive behavior such as addiction, eating disorders, abuse, etc. and is crucial in turning a victim into an achiever and a follower into a leader.

Through the experience of losing his hand and almost his life, Levi teaches the 3 easy to remember principals that he used to maintain a positive and determined attitude. Through the acceptance and self-responsibility of his circumstances, Levi has learned and shares what it truly means to be in control of one’s own attitude.

Levi Stanford was involved in an accident only five days after being married to his beautiful wife which not only led to the amputation of his left hand but also left him fighting for his life. Waking up from an induced coma, Levi was filled with an immense gratitude for having a second chance at life, which he used to not only make a remarkable recovery but excel as a musician/singer. From this experience, Levi was inspired to share his message and now travels worldwide as a motivational speaker influencing in places such as Canada, The United States, New Zealand and Australia.

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Sam Demma

Small. Consistent. Actions.

At 21 years old, entrepreneur, youth coach, and keynote speaker Sam Demma doesn’t let his age define his drive or credibility.  His goal is to provide people of all ages with the tools and strategies they need to become the change-makers in their schools, businesses, communities, and in the lives of those around them.  And it all started with . . . garbage.  At the age of 17, he co-founded PickWaste, a grassroots initiative that brings people together to pick up trash in their communities.  That experience confirmed to him how small actions can have a big impact, and he lives that message in all he does.

In a few short years, his inspiring and entertaining presentations have reached thousands of students across Canada and his High Performing Student program has made a difference for young people in 6 countries around the world.  He’s delivered two TEDx talks, he is the youngest Professional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and there’s no limit to where small actions will take this big thinker.

Sam is also the host of the podcast, The High Performing Educator, available on Apple iTunes for free.

Contact Info:
toll free:  1 833 991 3187